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Technical Details

Impressive grip and control in winter driving conditions.

The new tread pattern is developed with a higher number of edges for a significant increase of your car's traction on snowy roads. Each block and sipe is designed to enhance braking performance and reliable cornering. Combined this adds up to a safer, more enjoyable ride.


Reliable protection on wet and slushy roads.

The V-shaped groove structure with continuous open grooves creates water channels and improves the efficiency of aquaplaning and slushplaning prevention. This helps to maintain constant road contact on wet and slushy surfaces.


Very even tread wear and light rolling.

Even surface distribution causes even wear. For you, it means a more comfortable, quieter ride. Add in the fact that even tread wear means higher mileage and lighter rolling, and your ride just got more effective.


We make you ready for e-mobility

Our EV-compatible symbol confirms that the tire meets the requirements of electric vehicles as well as cars with combustion or hybrid engines.


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